Market Research


Market Research


Our experts will help you to get the information you need to make decisions that drive economic growth in your business. Market research resources will help you understand where your clients, business partners and competitors are, so you can effectively market your business in a competitive environment both offline and in a digital format.

Market Research Reports

Widener University SBDC offers no-cost secondary market research that can help you better understand and reach your target audience.  As a Pennsylvania small business, you have access to our team of Widener University graduate assistants who will develop custom market research reports for your needs. These reports may include:

  • Industry reports to assist your business planning
  • Demographics, consumer spending, and psychographic reports for your consumer products and services
  • Traffic counts to help select your physical location
  • Competitor and potential business-to-business client lists
  • Customized research based on your business needs

SEO Specialization for Your Small Business

Our team specializes in search engine optimization reports (SEO). Understanding how to achieve search engine optimization is critical for your business success as it guides your online presence and makes sure you can get found online.

Upcoming Webinars

Data Driven Discoveries : Hair and Nail Salons

2021-08-04T23:14:33-04:0007/20/2021| Ensuring your personal care business whether it be a nail, hair, or other salon is operating at its peak performance is critical of its success. In this Webinar we will be discussing the 4 key analysis points for established personal care service stores to maximize your business profitability, productivity, and sales. We will examine research capabilities of the SBDC and explain what they can do to keep your business making data driven decisions.|

Finding Government Contract Opportunities

2021-06-19T21:12:56-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| This webinar focuses on how government agencies procure goods and service and how to develop a successful government marketing strategy.|


Resources & Tools

What ecommerce

2021-06-16T16:13:45-04:00Thanks to E-commerce platforms, it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to sell their products and services online. Discover in this guide what E commerce platform is right for your business|


2021-06-14T21:16:12-04:00What to consider Before starting an Ecommerce business? find the answer in this guide|

How Optimize Local Citations

2021-06-14T21:05:38-04:00What are the local citations? Why are local citations important? This document will guide you through the Local citations and how are they important for small business. |

Influencer Marketing

2021-06-14T21:13:48-04:00Increase your efficiency when Investing on Influencer marketing and discover how to promote your business using social medio and Influencers.|

Social media Marketing

2021-06-14T21:11:02-04:00Social media allows brands to build themselves up, increase sales and drive website traffic. Brands should publish great content on social media profiles, listen to and engage followers, analyze results and run social media advertisements. Discover how to manage social media and digital marketing to promote your business|

Featured Field Experts

Success Stories

Productized Services

Custom Contact List

2021-08-29T15:44:00-04:00Custom Contact List| With this product you can receive a contact list of local businesses in your area. Through a combination of Widener SBDC man and machine power, we’re able to generate extensive contact lists with names, phone numbers, and email addresses that can help you on your journey.|

Industry Financial Report

2021-09-16T15:38:39-04:00Industry Financial Report| This product helps people are looking for basic facts and statistics about the financial health of certain industries. You’ll be able to analyze the competitive and nature of the industry and apply some of the numbers to a well-researched business plan or loan application.|

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