Capital Access


Capital Access


Seeking capital to grow your business or finance a new business venture and unsure about the most effective path? We are here to help.  Whether you are a potential or existing entrepreneur Widener SBDC will provide to you with resources and guidelines on how to access capital and start your project.

Widener SBDC Capital Acquisition Consultants offer no-cost consulting and training to help you locate, prepare, and obtain financing. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bank loan, government-backed loan, or a loan provided by an alternative lender, our specialists have the tools, expertise, and resources to help you obtain the financing needed to succeed.

While SBDCs do not loan money or administer grants, our Capital Acquisition Consultants maintain valuable relationships, public and private, with local lenders and understand their lending requirements.

Widener SBDC Capital Acquisition Consultants will provide you with confidential assistance to help guide you through the process of securing the right source of capital, including:

  • Uncover available debt coverage and ability to repay a loan
  • Assess financing options and opportunities
  • Identify appropriate sources of financing
  • Develop or refine a quality business plan suitable for lenders
  • Conduct an in-depth financial analysis
  • Create a professional loan package
  • Formulate a comprehensive finance strategy
  • Facilitate effective lender relationships

Whether you’re looking for working capital, an equipment loan, financing to purchase property or expand your workforce, a line of credit, or startup capital to get your business off the ground, our credentialed specialists will help qualified and funding-ready businesses find the right source of capital.

Upcoming Webinars

COE Health & Life Science: Meet the Founders Lunch & Learn

2021-09-09T13:38:53-04:009/23/21| Grab a lunch and join us in a lunchtime discussion with health and life science founders and learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly of starting your business in the healthcare space. We will also discuss the challenges that are currently facing healthcare startups. |

Building Banking Relationships & Loan Packaging

2021-06-19T21:13:20-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| This workshop is meant for established business owners seeking to grow their business by obtaining a loan. You will learn the key metrics bankers look for to assess your lendability...|

Loan Packaging and Financing

2021-06-19T21:00:51-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Getting a loan is both difficult and risky, as entrepreneurs you need to understand the risk, journey, and implications associated with obtaining external financing. In this workshop we'll discuss and highlight what banks require for loan applications. You'll learn to optimize your chances for success in the application process|

Navigating the SBA Export Working Capital Program

2021-06-19T21:04:31-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Most banks in the U.S. do not provide working capital advances on export orders, export receivables, or letters of credit. Because of that, some small businesses may lack the necessary export working capital to support their export sales. That is where an SBA program can make the difference. SBA provides lenders with up to a 90% guaranty on export loans as a credit enhancement so that the lenders will make the necessary export working capital available.|


Resources & Tools

Social media Marketing

2021-06-14T21:11:02-04:00Social media allows brands to build themselves up, increase sales and drive website traffic. Brands should publish great content on social media profiles, listen to and engage followers, analyze results and run social media advertisements. Discover how to manage social media and digital marketing to promote your business|

Featured Field Experts

Success Stories

Productized Services

Business Valuation Services

2021-09-09T13:54:11-04:00Business Valuation Services| This product helps people begin to value their business to sell or another business to buy, while also breaking down whether this purchase, for your business, is financially feasible|

Industry Financial Report

2021-09-16T15:38:39-04:00Industry Financial Report| This product helps people are looking for basic facts and statistics about the financial health of certain industries. You’ll be able to analyze the competitive and nature of the industry and apply some of the numbers to a well-researched business plan or loan application.|

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