Business Plan Support


Business Plan Support


Your business plan serves as an important roadmap for developing your business. You can access our library and download our Business Plan workbook for a complete guide on how to build your business plan; Our expert team is also available to provide guidelines on how to build a meaningful plan, you can Request consulting and schedule a meeting with an expert to review your plan and ensure it is a complete business plan and meet the expectations to start your business on the right foot.

Upcoming Webinars

COE Health & Life Science: Meet the Founders Lunch & Learn

2021-09-09T13:38:53-04:009/23/21| Grab a lunch and join us in a lunchtime discussion with health and life science founders and learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly of starting your business in the healthcare space. We will also discuss the challenges that are currently facing healthcare startups. |

International Trade in an Internet-based Business

2021-09-08T15:58:21-04:009/8/21| The internet has made the world available for sales and marketing of products and services by businesses big and small.|

PA Grants: Series Do I Qualify?

2021-06-19T12:06:49-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| On June 8, Governor Tom Wolf announced a $225 million statewide grant program to support small businesses that were impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis and subsequent business closure order.|

Loan Packaging and Financing

2021-06-19T21:00:51-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Getting a loan is both difficult and risky, as entrepreneurs you need to understand the risk, journey, and implications associated with obtaining external financing. In this workshop we'll discuss and highlight what banks require for loan applications. You'll learn to optimize your chances for success in the application process|

Strat ‘N Go Launch

2021-06-19T21:00:35-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| In this workshop we will review the tools, methods, and strategies successful entrepreneurs utilize to propel their business to the next level. To help your business reach the upper atmosphere you'll need a solid launch pad, a resilient rocket, and a capable mission control.|

COE: Lunch & Learn, Health & Life Science Founder Panel Discussion

2021-06-19T12:14:52-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Hear how three different founders are addressing challenges related to product-market fit, building team and raising capital|

Navigating the SBA Export Working Capital Program

2021-06-19T21:04:31-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Most banks in the U.S. do not provide working capital advances on export orders, export receivables, or letters of credit. Because of that, some small businesses may lack the necessary export working capital to support their export sales. That is where an SBA program can make the difference. SBA provides lenders with up to a 90% guaranty on export loans as a credit enhancement so that the lenders will make the necessary export working capital available.|


Resources & Tools

What ecommerce

2021-06-16T16:13:45-04:00Thanks to E-commerce platforms, it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to sell their products and services online. Discover in this guide what E commerce platform is right for your business|


2021-06-14T21:16:12-04:00What to consider Before starting an Ecommerce business? find the answer in this guide|

New SEO for small Businesses

2021-06-14T21:09:18-04:00SEO can be complex, which is why we have created a new SEO audit system that gives actionable items in simple terms. Find is this guide what is SEO and how implement in Small business digital marketing.|

Social media Marketing

2021-06-14T21:11:02-04:00Social media allows brands to build themselves up, increase sales and drive website traffic. Brands should publish great content on social media profiles, listen to and engage followers, analyze results and run social media advertisements. Discover how to manage social media and digital marketing to promote your business|

Featured Field Experts

Success Stories

Productized Services

Business Plan Review Services

2021-08-29T15:44:00-04:00Business Valuation Services| Do you have a written business plan you’d like feedback on? Are you willing to address blind spots in your business idea as you get ready to launch? With this Service, a team of SBDC Professionals will review your business plan and help you identify, address, and modify your business plan to help withstand the uncertainty that comes with launching.|

Business Valuation Services

2021-09-09T13:54:11-04:00Business Valuation Services| This product helps people begin to value their business to sell or another business to buy, while also breaking down whether this purchase, for your business, is financially feasible|

Custom Contact List

2021-08-29T15:44:00-04:00Custom Contact List| With this product you can receive a contact list of local businesses in your area. Through a combination of Widener SBDC man and machine power, we’re able to generate extensive contact lists with names, phone numbers, and email addresses that can help you on your journey.|

Industry Financial Report

2021-09-16T15:38:39-04:00Industry Financial Report| This product helps people are looking for basic facts and statistics about the financial health of certain industries. You’ll be able to analyze the competitive and nature of the industry and apply some of the numbers to a well-researched business plan or loan application.|

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