Our Success Lab is an active, creative, and collaborative space where entrepreneurs engage in mission specific and outcome-driven activities to build and grow their business.

Strat Chats

Meet us at the starting point to explore the benefits of partnering with the SBDC to help you grow your business.  Through this workshop/webinar, you will understand the current state of your business and if the SBDC is a good fit for you.

Take a Look at the SBDC Next-Gen Lab

Active Consulting Engagements

Capital Sprints


Mission: Master business loan proposals 

Result: Loan package

Action: Seek capital

Executive Assessment

Mission: Enhance business leadership  effectiveness

Result: Leadership Style

Action: Improve your team

Marketing Plan


Mission: Evaluate market potential 

Result: Recommendation list

Action: Implement decision

Launch Sprints


Mission: Innovate and grow through testing and evolving 

Result: Dreams to reality

Action: New product/service

Real Estate


Mission: Decide buy/lease/sell 

Result: Financial realities

Action: Go or No - Go

Gap Analysis


Mission: Discover gaps prohibiting growth 

Result: High-functioning team

Action: Collective results

Digital Marketing Sprint

Mission: Implement social media, SEO and E-commerce

Result: Digital Strategy 

Action: New digital platform

Passing The Baton Strategy

Mission: Plan for business succession

Result: Succession strategy

Action: Exit strategy

Mystery Shopper


Mission: See what your customers see

Result: Experience report

Action: Improve look/feel

Yielding Results!

Because established business owners should expect more from consulting engagements than ever before, engagements in our lab will help you innovate and grow through designing, testing and evolving strategies.  In 2017, our clients attributed the following results:

It Happens Because

Your hard work at The Success Lab is supported by three special ingredients; our people, the SBDC process, and our unique space. 




What to Expect at The Success Lab

Walls are bullseyes to zero in your ideas. They host high tech gizmos, whiteboards, world class visual and instructional aids and plain old kraft paper to dramatically enhance interaction and collaboration.

Chairs are vehicles that take you to another dimension. They are mobile and flexible so you can make quick and easy transitions between the four-dimensions of the room. Chairs, spin, tilt, swivel, wobble and roll across the room as you transition from the front stage to the back stage of your business design.

Surfaces are canvases for you to write, draw and design on. Along with world class visual and instructional aids, they facilitate innovation and growth through designing, testing and evolving strategies.

Room ambiance is designed to enhance your visual and auditory senses making the consulting experience fun, more real, more accurate and more active. Walk, stand or actively seat while you work by yourself or in company of your team.

Nespresso coffee pods fuel your genius.  We have learned that good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. All you can drink is acceptable.

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