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Online Resources For Government Contracting

2021-06-19T12:11:59-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Online Resources For Government Contracting|

Navigating the Gig Economy

2021-06-19T12:11:43-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| The ‘gig economy’ is an effective way entrepreneurs make money by selling their skills on an ad hoc, project-based basis. Social Media, Data Visualization, and Graphic Design, among others, are skills that are in hot demand, that when combined with the right set of tools can lead to an active side or main business.|

Building Banking Relationships & Loan Packaging

2021-06-19T21:13:20-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| This workshop is meant for established business owners seeking to grow their business by obtaining a loan. You will learn the key metrics bankers look for to assess your lendability...|

Design Thinking for Growth

2021-06-19T21:13:19-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| This webinar uses a Design Thinking framework to look at 3 stories from big business success and translate them into meaningful and actionable direction for small business leaders.|

Overcoming Growing Pains: Real Estate Acquisitions for Businesses

2021-06-19T12:09:43-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Overcoming Growing Pains: Real Estate Acquisitions for Businesses|

Reinvent and Relaunch Series

2021-06-19T12:09:22-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Develop a well-thought-out reopening and reinvention plan to increase your chances of success.|

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Forgiveness Loans

2021-06-19T12:09:08-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Forgiveness Loans|

PA Grants: Submitting a Winning Application

2021-06-19T12:08:56-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| On June 8, Governor Tom Wolf announced a $225 million statewide grant program to support small businesses that were impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis and subsequent business closure order.|

PA Grants: Series Do I Qualify?

2021-06-19T12:06:49-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| On June 8, Governor Tom Wolf announced a $225 million statewide grant program to support small businesses that were impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis and subsequent business closure order.|

Finding Government Contract Opportunities

2021-06-19T21:12:56-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| This webinar focuses on how government agencies procure goods and service and how to develop a successful government marketing strategy.|

COE Health & Life Science: Customer Discovery

2021-06-19T21:02:44-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Companies is for busy innovators who need to validate their business model and learn effective customer discovery. This workshop provides tools to facilitate sophisticated interviewing and the skills to transform your startup into an evidence based behemoth. Unlike other general-purpose workshops, we have a strong healthcare background and provide useful tools like the Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery Frameworks. This workshop imparts practical and actionable steps for health and life science startups to validate their value propositions and continue on the road to success.|

Widener SBDC – First Step

2021-06-19T12:07:10-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Widener SBDC - First Step|

Go-to-Market Strategies

2021-09-09T13:28:03-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Are your prototypes ready to be delivered to your early adopter customers? Are early customers prepared to give references to validate your value proposition? Then you are ready to go to market!|

RISE – Helping City of Chester Businesses

2021-06-19T21:05:30-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Connect with local advocates and learn what grants are available and how to apply for them through: Comcast, Delaware County, the State and Federal Government. ZOOM ID: 872-939-19-386; Passcode: 148829|

Health & Life Science Office Hours & Group Coaching

2021-09-09T12:02:40-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Sometimes entrepreneurs need to talk to an advisor who has been there and can help you and your company. Here at the Center of Excellence in Healthcare, we are committed to delivering free, personalized business coaching for all aspiring and established business owners in the Pennsylvania Healthcare and Life Sciences space.|

Successfully Launching Products into New Export Markets

2021-06-19T21:02:37-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| When deciding to launch a product in a new foreign export market, there are several key factors for success. This webinar will do a deep dive into the considerations and challenges businesses face when expanding their products via new export markets. |

Loan Packaging and Financing

2021-06-19T21:00:51-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Getting a loan is both difficult and risky, as entrepreneurs you need to understand the risk, journey, and implications associated with obtaining external financing. In this workshop we'll discuss and highlight what banks require for loan applications. You'll learn to optimize your chances for success in the application process|

Mighty Value Propositions

2021-06-19T21:12:17-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| When you're flooded with uncertainty, the first thing to do is find higher ground to stand on. We like to call it your value proposition.|

Advice from a CPA: Reducing Taxes by Year End

2021-06-19T12:17:34-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Advice from a CPA: Reducing Taxes by Year End|

Strat ‘N Go Launch

2021-06-19T21:00:35-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| In this workshop we will review the tools, methods, and strategies successful entrepreneurs utilize to propel their business to the next level. To help your business reach the upper atmosphere you'll need a solid launch pad, a resilient rocket, and a capable mission control.|

DCAA Monitoring Subcontracts

2021-06-19T20:58:18-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| The presentation will provide an overview of provisional billing rates (PBR). The purpose of PBR’s will be discussed along with the procedures for establishing the rates. Participants will learn when the PBR’s should be submitted and the types of information that should be included in the PBR proposal. |

Budgeting & Forecasting

2021-06-19T20:58:13-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| During this webinar we will cover the basics of budgeting and forecasting for your business. This will help prepare your business financially for whatever future endeavors come your way. |

Successfully Launching Products into New Export Markets

2021-06-19T20:58:05-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| 95% of available global market is outside USA. There are tremendous opportunities to provide new & innovative products/services in markets throughout the world. Your business receives many benefits from going global. But it also requires commitment of management.|

COE: Healthcare Regulations and Reimbursement

2021-05-10T18:37:30-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| COE: Healthcare Regulations and Reimbursement|

Health and Life Science Start Up Accelerator – Six Sessions

2021-05-10T18:49:09-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Health and Life Science Start Up Accelerator - Six Sessions|

Controlling Your Business: Cash Flows & Budgeting

2021-05-10T18:39:19-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Controlling Your Business: Cash Flows & Budgeting|

COE: Lunch & Learn, Health & Life Science Founder Panel Discussion

2021-06-19T12:14:52-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Hear how three different founders are addressing challenges related to product-market fit, building team and raising capital|

DCAA Accounting System Requirements

2021-05-10T18:39:09-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| DCAA Accounting System Requirements|

Introduction and DCAA Overview & Proposal Adequacy

2021-06-19T21:04:38-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Introduction and DCAA Overview & Proposal Adequacy is a presentation that provides an overview of the Defense Contract Audit Agency.|

Do’s and Don’ts from a CPA: Establishing a Business

2021-06-19T12:14:28-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Do’s and Don’ts from a CPA: Establishing a Business|

Finding Funding for Your Business

2021-06-19T12:11:59-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Finding Funding for Your Business|

Navigating the SBA Export Working Capital Program

2021-06-19T21:04:31-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| Most banks in the U.S. do not provide working capital advances on export orders, export receivables, or letters of credit. Because of that, some small businesses may lack the necessary export working capital to support their export sales. That is where an SBA program can make the difference. SBA provides lenders with up to a 90% guaranty on export loans as a credit enhancement so that the lenders will make the necessary export working capital available.|

First Step: How to Start a Business Webinar

2021-06-19T12:11:59-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| First Step: How to Start a Business Webinar|

Advice from a CPA: Buying & Selling a Business

2021-06-19T21:13:36-04:00Webinar-On-Demand| This workshop is meant for established entrepreneurs seeking to either buy or sell a business. You will learn the key metrics to assess you’re the underlying value of a business to help make you money, as well as how to craft a narrative around your business financials that will show you are a worthy acquisition target.|

Digital Marketing Masterclass

2021-06-19T21:04:31-04:00MasterClass-On-Demand| 4 session hands-on online workshop focused on assisting small businesses to optimize and enhance their online presence. Participants will learn how to use the most popular and some of the most powerful online tools, create/improve their business website to boost their performance and network with like-minded businesses in the area|

COE Health: Funding 101

2021-09-09T13:26:36-04:006/9/2021| In this webinar, we'll be having a discussion concerning the government (SBIR/STTR) grant process, SBA backed loan requirements and process, and the types of equity investors and what they seek /require when evaluating a company for investment.|

Financing Your Business

2021-07-06T14:12:33-04:006/17/2021| Six Hacks & Four Truth Bombs Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know When It Comes to Borrowing Or Raising Money|

COE: Healthcare Regulations and Reimbursement

2021-09-09T13:58:17-04:006/16/2021| Healthcare is not for the faint of heart.|

Business Model Patterns – How to turn a great idea into a winning

2021-09-08T15:20:25-04:0008/24/2021| Having a great idea is just the one component of what is required to create a profitable business for the long haul. Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Disney pair great value propositions with strong business models. Learn about the handful of business model patterns can be used to distinguish the winning companies from the rest of the market.|

Trial by Fire: Testing Your Business Idea

2021-09-08T15:21:06-04:0008/03/2021| Statistics indicate that at least seven out of ten new products fail! You can reduce this risk by testing your idea prior to making big investments in time and resources.|

Data Driven Discoveries : Hair and Nail Salons

2021-08-04T23:14:33-04:0007/20/2021| Ensuring your personal care business whether it be a nail, hair, or other salon is operating at its peak performance is critical of its success. In this Webinar we will be discussing the 4 key analysis points for established personal care service stores to maximize your business profitability, productivity, and sales. We will examine research capabilities of the SBDC and explain what they can do to keep your business making data driven decisions.|

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