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Featured Webinars

COE Health & Life Science: Office Hours

2021-04-01T17:23:55-04:0004/28/2021| Do you still have questions after attending our Customer Validation Masterclass? Are you feeling good about Value Propositions, but would like some help applying these concepts to your company? Did you run discovery interviews, but are not sure what to do with the data? Sometimes entrepreneurs need to talk to an advisor who has been there and can help you and your company. Here at the Center of Excellence in Healthcare, we are committed to delivering free, personalized business coaching for all aspiring and established business owners in the Pennsylvania Healthcare and Life Sciences space. Entrepreneurship is a scary precipice, but we are here with a lifeline. We can help you work on establishing and improving value propositions, elevator pitches and the best way to do customer discovery.|

Digital Marketing Masterclass

2021-03-31T14:52:57-04:0004/1/2021| 4 session hands-on online workshop focused on assisting small businesses to optimize and enhance their online presence. Participants will learn how to use the most popular and some of the most powerful online tools, create/improve their business website to boost their performance and network with like-minded businesses in the area|

COE Health & Life Science: Customer Discovery

2021-03-31T16:05:21-04:0004/7/2021| Companies is for busy innovators who need to validate their business model and learn effective customer discovery. This workshop provides tools to facilitate sophisticated interviewing and the skills to transform your startup into an evidence based behemoth. Unlike other general-purpose workshops, we have a strong healthcare background and provide useful tools like the Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery Frameworks. This workshop imparts practical and actionable steps for health and life science startups to validate their value propositions and continue on the road to success.|

Pennsylvania Government Contracting

2021-03-31T16:26:00-04:0004/07/2021| This webinar will describe how Pennsylvania government agencies purchase goods and services and the requirements for registering as a supplier. The topics will include descriptions of the types of purchasing contracts used in PA, supplier programs for small businesses and supplier diversity programs with certification requirements. Information will include how to find contract opportunities and an introduction to the COSTARS purchasing program used by local governments and associated entities.|

¿Que debe Tener un Plan de Negocio? Primera Parte: Enamore al inversionista

2021-03-31T16:44:57-04:0004/13/2021| En Nuestro taller de la Idea a la accion descubrimos como dar ese primer paso para hacer nuestra idea realidad y hablamos acerca del plan de negocios como herramienta esencial para encaminar nuestro proyecto hacia el éxito. En este taller de dos sesiones Usted Aprenderá que debe tener un Plan de negocio para enamorar a sus posibles inversionistas.|

Introduction to GSA Schedule Contracts

2021-03-31T16:53:57-04:0004/13/2021| This webinar will describe the Government Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and the Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) contracts.FSS contracts are five-year contracts awarded to companies and used by many federal government agencies to purchase goods and services. We will also cover what FSS contracts are, what are the advantages for businesses and agencies, how to qualify and apply for a contract and how to use FSS information for government marketing.|

COE Health & Life Science: Customer Validation

2021-03-31T17:02:20-04:0004/14/2021| Customer validation is an integral part of developing your business and product. In today’s fast paced and competitive commercial ecosystem, it is more important than ever to systematically validate your assumptions. We will teach you how to gather high quality, useful information from your early adopters and test your premises. Learn how the best companies leverage real world field testing to create world changing products. Identify opportunities by leveraging your loyal early adopters to refine your MVP and create an unmatched customer experience. After this class you will have a practical path to improving your product and getting to market.|

Successfully Launching Products into New Export Markets

2021-03-31T17:20:30-04:0004/20/2021| When deciding to launch a product in a new foreign export market, there are several key factors for success. This webinar will do a deep dive into the considerations and challenges businesses face when expanding their products via new export markets. |

Know Your Numbers

2021-04-01T16:24:46-04:0004/15/2021| Join us as we discuss how business owners can get action oriented knowledge from their financial records. Our session will look at several different business types and it is aimed all entrepreneur, with or without a knowledge of finance and accounting.|

COE Health & Life Science: Meet the Founders Lunch & Learn

2021-04-01T16:43:07-04:0004/19/2021| Grab a lunch and join us in a lunchtime discussion with health and life science founders and learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly of starting your business in the healthcare space. We will also discuss the challenges that are currently facing healthcare startups. |

Going Global: Exploring International Distribution Options

2021-04-01T16:53:42-04:0004/20/2021| You created a unique product and targeted some global markets. Now your adventure is just getting started… From sales and marketing to delivery to warranty, the global expectations of your company will vary by country and even by city. Local laws and regulations can also trip up even experienced importers and exporters. Companies going global need a global distribution channel strategy to manage all the moving parts.|

COE Latino: ¿Que debe Tener un Plan de Negocio? Segunda parte: Proyecciones Financieras

2021-04-01T17:14:15-04:0004/27/2021| En Nuestro taller de la Idea a la accion descubrimos como dar ese primer paso para hacer nuestra idea realidad y hablamos acerca del plan de negocios como herramienta esencial para encaminar nuestro proyecto hacia el éxito. En este taller de dos sesiones Usted Aprenderá que debe tener un Plan de negocio para enamorar a sus posibles inversionistas.|

Loan Packaging and Financing

2021-04-01T17:02:31-04:0004/22/2021| Getting a loan is both difficult and risky, as entrepreneurs you need to understand the risk, journey, and implications associated with obtaining external financing. In this workshop we'll discuss and highlight what banks require for loan applications. You'll learn to optimize your chances for success in the application process|

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